The Best Drones for Kids In Columbus

Are you looking for a drone for your kid in Columbus? Or maybe a drone for your inner kid? It’s likely you want a drone that includes everything for flight, is tough enough to withstand your kid’s crashes and won’t seriously hurt anyone.

FPV Drone Reviews has searched the Internet for the 5 best drones for the job, from the micro-sized Hubsan Q4 to the capable Parrot Bebop. Throughout this article, we’ll compare these drones and provide details about each model to help you make a decision. For each drone, we’ve looked into its performance, battery life, range, weight, and camera capabilities.

Columbus Here is How to Choose the Best Drones for Kids

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best drones for kids as your final decision won’t just be about the drone’s performance. Here are some of the most important elements to bear in mind during your search to help you discover the best drone for your preferences.


Kids can quickly grow bored of a new toy, so the cost of a drone is one of the first considerations you’ll want to make. After just a few weeks of playing with a toy, kids can get fed up and want the next best thing. However, if you’ve spent a fortune on a toy for them to just use for a few days, you could be disappointed. Set aside a reasonable budget that you’re willing to spend, depending on how likely your kid is to continue playing with the drone, and how much they want one.

Durability and Stability

No parent wants to buy their kid a toy that breaks after its first use. When your kid first starts using their drone, it’s likely there will be some collisions and crashes while they get used to their new toy. This is perfectly reasonable, but the drone you choose should be made durable so it can withstand rough use and crashes. Kids tend to not take care of their belongings like adults do, so you’ll need a drone made from strong materials that ensure it doesn’t break from a small impact.

Easy to Use

When finding the best drone for your kid, you’ll want something that they can quickly get used to and feel comfortable with. The drone should come with copters that feature control sensitivity so you can alter the sensitivity levels to suit your kid. Many of the best drones for kids feature a learning mode that allows the user to slowly get used to the drone so they become more comfortable using it.

The Location Your Kid Will Use The Drone

Drones are a fun and exciting toy for kids, but have you thoroughly considered where they can fly the drone? There are many regulations to consider when flying a door – such as not invading people’s privacy by flying them too close to residential properties. Do you have a wide, open space near your home where you can regularly take your kid to play with their drone? If the answer is no, then we suggest looking into nearby locations where your kid has the opportunity to fly their drone in an open space.

The location itself is not the only factor to consider, as you should also bear in mind the characteristics that the drone has. For example, if you tend to encounter high winds and rain, your drone should be able to withstand this, because a drone that isn’t water-resistant wouldn’t be a positive feature of the toy.

Accessibility to Spare Parts

It’s inevitable that you’ll need to change the spare parts on your kid’s drone at some point, due to general wear and tear, or accidental damage. As your kid starts getting used to using their drone, they’ll likely crash it a few times, which can lead to some breakage. At this moment, you want to have some spare parts readily available to avoid temper tantrums. Even if you don’t have spare parts to hand, you should research where you can purchase these from before making initially buying the drone.

Best Value Drones for Kids

Claimed to be the ‘World’s Smallest Drone’, the Q4 uses a simple circuit board chassis with all components fully integrated. The Q4 has surprising speed, a 50m range and 5-minute flight time. The miniature Q4 is a great indoor drone and also performs well outdoors in light to moderate winds. This wind resistance is all thanks to the six-axis gyro, that enables the drone to remain stable in such weather conditions. The Q4 easily recharges quickly using a USB charger. Its bright LED lights make this drone easier to find in the dark, and these are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that only takes 30 minutes to completely charge to offer around 20 minutes of play. You can charge this battery via a USB charger cord in your computer.

This drone isn’t designed to live the real experience of a fully-sized drone, but it provides moments of power, speed and durability. Operated via a remote control, this drone merely requires AA batteries and a thorough read of the instruction manual to use this toy. When using the remote control, this drone offers an impressive range that actually responds to directions. The remote is highly responsive, easy to use, and comfortable to hold.

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